Programming Languages

Academic Year 2023-24


Lectures will start on Tuesday, September 26th at 2pm in room Ω. On Mondays the lecture will always start at 1pm; on Tuesdays the lecture will always start at 2pm.

Office Hours for Students

The office hours for the students are: Mondays from 8:30 to 10:30 in my office (Via Celoria 18, room 5009). Or on appointment on Discord (preferred way).

Course Materials and Other Resources.



Hands-on Lessons.

Exercises to do in the hands-on lessons (room Ω).

Exam Formalities.

The exam is written (at the computer). Each session proposes three exercises:

In alternative, each exercise can be substituted by a midterm exam. The midterms are three, 1 for every paradigm, and if passed (with a grade of 6 or more) they hold for the whole academic year. The midterms are independent of each other, so if you fail one of them you can do the next one: the failed midterms can be caught up in the exam sessions. You are STRONGLY encouraged to follow and prepare the midterms.

Walter Cazzola



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Research Projects

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