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Packages that use bintree

Uses of bintree in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection

Methods in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection that return bintree
 bintree validationChannel.retrieveconstraint(mChaRMMethodCall msg, java.util.Vector table)
          Looks in the constraint file for the constraint associated to the request and retrieve it.

Methods in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection with parameters of type bintree
 boolean validationChannel.eval(bintree tree, int t, java.util.Vector table, int par)
          Evaluate the tree representation of the constraint to decide whether the method called by the client can be executed or not.

Uses of bintree in time_constraint.constr_eval

Fields in time_constraint.constr_eval declared as bintree
 bintree bintree.left
          Represents the left tree of the binary tree.
 bintree bintree.right
          Represents the right tree of the binary tree.
 bintree bintree.parent
          Represents the binary tree whose son is n.