Uses of Interface

Packages that use senderStubInterface

Uses of senderStubInterface in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection

Classes in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection that implement senderStubInterface
 class verboseSenderStub
          realizes the sender stubs of a multi-channel of kind verbose.

Uses of senderStubInterface in mChaRM.multichannel

Classes in mChaRM.multichannel that implement senderStubInterface
 class senderStub
          Instances of this class are used as stubs of the multi-channel on the sender side.

Methods in mChaRM.multichannel that return senderStubInterface
 senderStubInterface channelCore.senderStub(java.lang.String name)
 senderStubInterface channelCore.senderStubByPosition(int indx)

Methods in mChaRM.multichannel with parameters of type senderStubInterface
 void channelCore.setSenderStub(java.lang.String name, senderStubInterface SSI)