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Packages that use channelInterface

Uses of channelInterface in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection

Subinterfaces of channelInterface in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection
 interface RMPChannelInterface
          Interface for class RMPChannel
(package private)  interface validationChannelInterface
          The validationChannelInterface should be implemented to comunicate between channels.

Classes in mChaRM.mChaRMCollection that implement channelInterface
 class normalChannel
          realizes a multi-channel of kind normal.
 class RMPChannel
          Realizes a multi-channel of kind RMP.
 class validationChannel
          The validationChannel realizes a multi-channel of kind validation.

The channel meta-behavior is based on the knolwledge of the receivers.
 class verboseChannel
          realizes a multi-channel of kind verbose.

Uses of channelInterface in mChaRM.multichannel

Classes in mChaRM.multichannel that implement channelInterface
 class channelCore
          This class defines how multi-channels behave (by default) in the abstract locus.

Methods in mChaRM.multichannel that return channelInterface
 channelInterface stub.WhoIsMyCore()
          It supplies a pointer to the core of the multi-channel.