Tecniche Speciali di Programmazione

Academic Year 2020-21


In January we will catch up with the course having a class also on Mondays and Thursdays for two weeks. On Mondays the class will start at 10:30 and on Thursdays it will start at 1pm. Said so, the first lecture in the new year will be on Monday 11th at 10:30 on discord.

Due to the pandemic, the exam can't be in presence and individual projects will replace it. Details in the exam section.

Starting from Tuesday, October 20th the lectures will go live only on discord. If everything works as expected this will avoid the lag between youtube and discord improving the interaction.

Lessons will start on Tuesday, October 6th at 9:30am. Lessons will always start at 9:30am.

On-Line Lectures.

This year all the lectures and laboratories activities will be on-line.

We will use:

How to Participate

First, register to the Dedicated Telegram Channel available at:

qr-code telegram channel

Please use /askme to link your nickname to your real name and your id. All the nicknames not associated to a real name and id will be kicked and banned on the second attempt.

On the Telegram channel you will find the invite for the discord channel (pinned on top). Before each class I will publish the link to the live streaming on the channel.

Second, use the invite pinned in the telegram channel to link with the discord channel. Please use your real name/surname. All users that do not use their real name will be kicked and banned on the second attempt. You can set the name displayed on the discord channel by right clicking on your user icon on the right column, then "Change Nickname."

Discord will be used to have a voice interaction during the class. You have to move to your virtual classroom if you are enrolled to more than one course. All the students start with the microphone muted and the channel use the push-to-talk modality. So configure properly your account (in Settings→Voice and Video) and choose a easy to use key combination.

Last, the link to the live streaming will be published on the telegram channel. It will be different for each class and unlisted, so the link is the only way to join. The comments on you tube will be disabled and the only way to do questions will be in the discord channel during the live sessions, the discord channel will also be used by me to ask questions to the participants. Again, it is needed to use your real name when attending the class (for obvious reasons).

Office Hours for Students

The office hours for the students are: Thursdays from 14:30 to 16:30 on discord or teams; an appointment is needed.


Due to the pandemic the exam changes from written exercises to an individual project. There will be no exams date because the projects will be assigned on a "one-stop shop" mode.

Who thinks to give the exam in this academic year has to enroll to the only available (February, The Second) date open on SIFA. This is the only examination session and it will permit to ask for the project up to the starting of next academic year. Note that, only those enrolled to such an examination session can ask for a project.

When you decide to take the exam you have to get in touch with me, we will propose you some possible project. The project has to be individually developed, the development will be monitored by continuous commits on a SVN repository we will make at your disposal and its deadline for its completion will be indicatively after one month from the time of the assignment.

Course Materials and Other Resources



Exam Formalities.

The exam is written (at the computer). Each session proposes two exercises:

  • the exercises are marked from 0 to 15;
  • one exercise is about reflection and the other one about aspect-oriented programming; and
  • to pass the exam you need a grade of at least nine for every exercise, i.e., the exam is not passed when you have, for example, 15 in the first exercise and 3 in the second one.

Each exercise can be substituted by a midterm exam. The midterms are two, 1 for each course's part, and if passed (with a grade of 9 or more) they hold for the whole academic year (well, basically, they last forever). The midterms are independent of each other, so if you fail one of them you can do the next one: the failed midterms can be caught up in the exam sessions. You are STRONGLY encouraged to follow and prepare the midterms.

The final mark corresponds to the sum of the marks each exercise. This when both exercises are passed.

Look at the proper section for the changes in the COVID19 situation.

Hands-on Lessons.

Exercises to do in the hands-on lessons (room Ω). Note this basically helps in preparing the midterms/exams.

Note, the solutions to the exercises we did in the hands-on sessions are available in a SVN repository accessible at:


The credentials to access the repository are the same you use to access the password protected content on this page.

Walter Cazzola



Funded Projects

Research Projects

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